WIZnet W6100 Ethernet Shield


W6100 Ethernet Shield is based on W6100. For more information about W6100, please visit W6100 Datasheet. This Ethernet Shield can be used on boards with an Arduino Pin Header Form factor. W6100 suits users in need of stable Internet Connectivity best, using a single chip to implement TCP/IP Dual Stack, 10/100 Ethernet MAC and PHY. Hardwired TCP/IP Stack supports TCP, UDP, IPv4, IPv6, ICMP, ARP, IGMP, and PPPoE etc which has been proven through various Applications over many years.


  • Arduino Platform
  • Others Arduino Pin-Compatible Boards
  • ARM mbed Platform


  • Operation Voltage DC5V or DC3.3V
  • Signals (SPI) Voltage 3.3V
  • Included W6100 of WIZnet
  • SPI Interface
  • 10/100 Ethernet PHY embedded
  • Hardware TCP/IP Protocols - TCP, UDP, IPv6, IPv4, ICMPv6, ICMPv4, IGMP, MLDv1, ARP, PPPoE
  • Support IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack
  • Support 8 independent SOCKETs simultaneously with 32KB Memory
  • Support SOCKET-less Command: ARP, PING, ICMPv6(PING, ARP, DAD, NA, RS) Command for IPv6 Auto-configuration& Network Monitoring
  • Support Auto Negotiation (Full / Half Duplex, 10/ 100 Based)
  • Support Micro SD Card slot for storage
  • Low height RJ45

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W6100 Ethernet Shield

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WIZnet W6100

W6100 is a hardwired Internet controller chip supporting IPv4/IPv6 dual stack by adding IPv6 functions on the basis of WIZnet’s patented hardwired TCP/IP core technology. W6100 supports TCP/IP protocols such as TCP, UDP, IPv6, IPv4, ICMPv6, ICMPv4, IGMP, ARP and PPPoE. W6100 also includes 10Base-T / 10Base-Te / 100Base-TX Ethernet PHY and Ethernet MAC Controller which makes it suitable for embedded internet-enabled devices.

W6100-L: 2,000pcs / BOX

W6100-Q: 4,000pcs / BOX

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WIZnet W6100 MKR-Ethernet...

W6100 MKR-Ethernet Shield is designed using the WIZnet W6100 chip.

ARM mbed compatible operation

Arduino Pin-compatible

Arduino MKR Series (Only MKR Etherent Shield)

Ethernet (W6100 Hardwired TCP/IP chip)

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