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WIZnet iMCU7100EVB

Evaluation Board for W7100A Expansion port Provide WizISP for programming Support various interface : serial, Ethernet, DTAG Embedded 64Kbyte Flash memory, 64Kbyte RAM, 256Byte Data flash

Price $57.00

WIZnet WIZ550S2E

WIZ550S2E is the serial to Ethernet module using W5500 & Cortex-M0 MCU.  WIZ550SE is the protocol converter that transmits the data sent by serial equipment as TCP/IP data type, and converts back the TCP/IP data received through the network into serial data to transmit back to the equipment.

WIZ550S2E 20pcs / BOX

WIZ550S2E-232 10pcs / BOX

WIZ550S2E-485 10pcs / BOX

Price $22.95